The Child and Youth Care Association of PEI Inc. is an organization of Child and Youth Care Professionals who share common goals, interests and concerns regarding all aspects of child and youth care. The Association has existed for over fifteen years. Many Child and Youth Care Professionals have played a significant role in the growth of the CYCA of PEI over the years. Members have included Professionals from Community and Correctional Services, Health and Social Services, as well as many Community Agencies and Organizations. Although the Associations membership has fluctuated over the years, the Association’s membership has exceeded one hundred and thirty members. The Child and Youth Care Association of PEI Inc. was incorporated in 2006. 
As a member of the CYCA of PEI, you will also become a member of the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care. The Council is a National body established to serve as a coordinator and networking organization for the Provincial and Territorial Child and Youth Care Associations.
Child and Youth Care Professionals work in a variety of settings. These include but are not limited to the following:
Group Homes, Residential Treatment Centres , Schools, Hospitals, Youth Custody Facilities & Programs, Outreach Programs, Shelters, Community Agencies as well as CYCW Students. 
The Association has been a part of many Provincial, National and International workshops and events as participants, presenters and hosts. For example, Pat Warren has presented at various workshops and the Island has hosted various workshops with many well known presenters such as Thom Garfat and Barbara Coloroso.
The Association's goals and objectives have experienced few changes over the years. The Association continues to promote progressive standards of child care services and is committed to strengthening the Child and Youth Care Profession's identity. We are devoted to continuous learning within the child care profession. 
Our Objectives
· To promote and maintain progressive standards of child care service. 
· To promote the important role Child and Youth Care Workers play as a profession. 
· To assist and further define, strengthen the Child and Youth Care Professions identity. 
· To promote continuous learning within the profession.
· To network with other Associations to provide information on new trends.
The Association continues to strive for respectability and continuously looks to increase its membership and gain momentum. It is important to remember the past as we look to the future.